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The Original Koine Greek Transliteration to Literal English

The 20-year long "Pure Word" project, along with teams in the hermeneutics and theological research community, have been discovering that our English versions of the New Testament, beginning in the 1,500s AD, are riddled with not only direct translation errors, but intentional omissions and changes in meaning from the scholars themselves due to cultural and political influence of the time - and yes, this even affects the 1611 KJV. A small known fact is one of the lead scholars on The Pure Word translation team (who was in the KJV-only camp) wept upon confirming this discovery.


Greek, the language that the New Testament was originally recorded, by design, is a complex language that incorporates depths-of-meaning with each word that simply does not exist in English. So, by default, Greek scripture had to be watered down when translated into English to comply with grammatical rules.


But if only it stopped there. Using the 1611 KJV as an example, the scholars were also required to follow certain

rules by the King; one of which was to not contradict the "Bishop's Bible", which again, resulted in deliberate

changes in scripture to comply with Roman Catholicism. Even so, the KJV is arguably the most accurate version
of the Bible in English we have today, and the scholars involved were clearly God-fearing individuals with the best
of intentions, but to say it presents the full depth-of-meaning that the original Greek scriptures contained within in
the New Testament, is just simply not true.


Once this discovery was made through historical records, and easily confirmed by directly comparing the
original Koine Greek to virtually all existing English translations, The Pure Word research project proceeded
to re-translate the New Testament from the complete and original Greek records with new patent-pending
pending hermeneutics-based tools that would bypass all individual opinions, cultural and political influences
to once-and-for-all create a New Testament English translations that re-implements much of the original
Greek meaning!