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The Original Koine Greek Transliteration to Literal English


But there's a catch. Due to the raw method by which The Pure Word had to be translated to retain the
Greek meaning, it can sometimes be difficult to read. As a result, The Pure Word is NOT meant to replace
ones favorite version of the Bible, but to be used alongside it just as you would use a Strong's Dictionary,
a concordance or a commentary!

Below is The Pure Word Original Koine Greek Transliteration into Literal English: 

Matthew Account:

Our Father, Who in Heaven,

You must Make Holy Your Name.

You must make Your Kingdom Rule come.

You must make You Will become as in Heaven, also upon earth.

You must give us this day our daily [epiousion] bread,

And by Your choice You must Remove from Memory (forgive) to us our debts,

as also we are Removing from Memory (forgiving) our debtors.

And You should not bring us into temptation,

but You definitely must rescue us from evil.

For Yours is the Kingdom Rule, and Miracle Power, and Glory (Spiritual Perfection) Forever.