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The Amplified Lord’s Prayer Project “ALP Project” is dedicated to providing the Amplified Lord’s Prayer on the Web, in print, and in audio form for the top 100 plus a number of other significant (like Hebrew) languages...producing a replica of this website for each major language.  Also to provide for a more professional re-development of this website and the voice-over feature, the production of a book, pamphlets, and a smart phone app.  Additionally, to cover website bandwidth, and promotional/marketing costs to reach as many people groups and nations as possible with this important tool to assist effective Prayer, Reading of Gods Word and Memorization. 

An urgent need/project will be to capture and recreate on this website, all 1,817 languages and dialects for the Lord’s Prayer which are on the (now discontinued) Convent of Pater Noster website, before they are lost forever.  See current linkage through the Wayback Archive depository on our
Translations page.

Donations may be made through our ALP Project GoFundMe Crowdfunding Platform.

Inquires can also be made at:


The ALP Project will also be tied to our Healthy Initiatives Project (to be re-initiated) and research on health effects
and outcomes from intercessory prayer and other integrative natural and complementary medicine